Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yay for Leap Day!

So it's no secret to any of my family or friends that I love a holiday, special occasion, event or any reason to be crafty and pull out my hot glue gun and glitter pens.  I was pretty excited when I was asked to make some Leap Day cupcakes for a friend and decided to use a play on words and make some fondant frogs on top of buttercream cupcakes. I found the inspiration for these on Cake Central from another cake decorator.

After making these cupcakes it immediately got me thinking about what else I could do for this day that only comes once every four years.  I didn't have to look far because my inbox was soon flooded with ideas.  I have subscribed to several great crafting blogs and apparently Leap Year was on every one's mind this week. The first idea I ran across came from Busy Bee Kids Crafts and was super simple and perfect for my 2 year old. I had all the supplies on hand and decided to give it a whirl. Here is what you need:

Green (Washable) Paint and brush
Red pipe cleaner
Green construction paper
White paper plate
2 white pom-poms for eyes

We first outlined her sweet little hands.

Then she painted the white paper plate green. (P.S. I always cover my kitchen table in newspaper when paint or Play-Doh is involved. Ekk!)

Then we attached the green hands, pipe cleaner mouth and pom-pom eyes and viola, a fun leap day frog!

 Easy peasy right?!

The next idea came from my recent obsession with Pintrest! I like everyone else have hopped on the Pintrest bandwagon and have found so many fun ideas!!! If your not already following me on Pintrest you can find the link in the upper left hand corner of my blog.  Anyhow back to the project! If you have a toddler then you know that they are super picky eaters and want pasta the majority of the time! (At least my toddler does.) I however have found that she will eat almost any vegetable if it is covered in ranch dressing.  So with that little helpful bit of info I serve almost every vegetable with ranch dressing!! (I honestly would not mind if it was covered in ketchup as long as she is eating a vegetable I am happy!)  A couple weeks ago I ran across a picky kids lunch blog and I was excited to find another use for my cookie cutters besides cookies!! So using these cookie cutters this is what I came up with.  Of course the frog and crown would have looked a lot cuter if it was a spinach tortilla but I wasn't about to truck it up to the store for green tortillas.  I have also found that putting food inside of cupcake liner is a huge crowd pleaser with my toddler and she automatically thinks its fun!

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Crafting,


  1. So cute and creative! Love the cupcakes. I haven't let my 2 year old paint yet. Bad I know - but she is a wild child and I am afraid :) You are brave!!

  2. Love the sandwich frog, adorable!
    Found you f/ Mama & Baby Friday link love.
    Congrats on getting the blog started.